SHAUN AGOSTINE,  is an award-winning pianist and composer, born in 2002 . His passion for piano started at the age of three and he began taking piano lessons just before he turned five. His talent and imagination in playing the piano flourished, blossoming with creative compositions at the tender age of eight. His mother, Paola, was always there, ever-present on his musical journey; believing, encouraging, and inspiring him. Shaun has been internationally recognized as a musical prodigy with an ability to weave musical pieces that force his audience into complete awe and silence..

                                      Lebanese stunned the world on the piano…

         Shaun Agostine have been able to amaze the world with his unique musical pieces  



At the age of eight, Shaun’s artistic ingenuity expended from music to arts, winning an International Junior Art contest representing the Asian continent as a member of the circus of Monte Carlo Junior Jury.  He was also the winner of the Independence Day’s Art Contest organized by the World Lebanese Cultural Union.

 “The gifted eight-years old, Shaun Agostine representing the Asian continent”  

Monaco TV

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On the 13th of March 2012, at the age of ten, Shaun was invited to play his very own compositions in Dubai, at the Edward Kunz concert, one of the leading pianists in the world. Later, he also performed at the World Classical Series with the soprano Julia Novikova and the pianist Semjon Skigin as “a young prodigy performing with the stars of the musical world.”

Shaun has had excellent exposure after his performances leaving everyone astonished at his incredible talent with the media declaring him as a “stunning revelation.”

The 10-year-old Child prodigy, with superior talent, composes like professionals.”

Al Hurra T.V.

In the summer of 2013, Shaun was heard by renowned composers from the prestigious Julliard School in New York, and international conductors who held him in very high esteem after having been amazed by his distinguished talent. They expressed high praise for Shaun as a “very gifted young pianist and composer with golden hands”.

In 2014, at the age of twelve, during the Media Awards Ceremony 2014. Shaun played his own music and revealed his magical composition “May the Butterfly.” Which was brilliantly received by his audience. The Media Awards ceremony was covered by LBCI where the host presented Shaun as “the next Beethoven.”

 “Shaun Agostine, the next Beethoven.”


On the 12th of May 2016, at the age of fourteen, Shaun played his latest compositions in the majestic setting of the Natural History Museum in London(13) in the presence of a prestigious audience of dignitaries, Senators, and Sirs. After his performance he released his first official Album “Letters to my Mom”(14) which he dedicated to his forever muse his mother Paola(15)

On the 24th of September 2016, Shaun played live at the TEDx conference and his performance was then featured on the international TEDx Youtube channel. TEDx is an international platform for sharing ideas and innovations based on the renowned TED conferences. Following his musical performance, Shaun addressed the audience saying: “I would love to work on some movies soundtrack that’s my dream  to compose the stories of our lives.”



At his second appearance in TEDx, Shaun played his music “Tribute to Sara” in memory of Sara Al Khatib amputee, suffering from cancer, mirroring Sara’s four lessons of life in four musical movements, 

At TEDx, Shaun released his second album “Letters to My Mom Vol. 2” 

This Album and the previous one offer a glimpse of the musical genius of a young pianist and composer, with original pieces assembled from the age 8 to 12 years.



On the 7th of October 2016, The Lebanese Minister of Culture appointed Shaun to perform his magnificent compositions at the biggest cultural event of the year, the official opening of the Lebanese National Museum after 40 years of being closed.The event was attended by a prestigious audience of president, ministers, ambassadors, dignitaries… Shaun left everyone astonished with his musical talent. Stunned by his music, the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs,  invited Shaun, as a young gifted talent, to give a concert at the LDE event in Brazil.


“A youthful talent, Shaun Agostine, brings back the melodious life to the house of the ancients.”





On the 27th of November 2016, at the LDE conference for Latin America, and in celebration of Independence Day, Shaun held a concert at the Governor’s Palace in Sao Paolo, Brazil, there he revealed his splendid composition “Positive Vibes”; which was brilliantly received by a prestigious audience  he was surrounded by two thousand audience members from presidents, ministers, governments officials, ambassadors, dignitaries, diplomats and many others.

“You make us all proud.” + 

On the 28th of November 2016, at Monte Libano in Sao Paolo Brazil, Shaun held a concert and was awarded a trophy by the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants, Mr. Gebran Bassil in recognition of his supreme musical piano compositions. Then a member of the audience asked Shaun , to approach her elderly mother as she wanted to talk to him… she told him “while you played the piano, it felt like Jesus was sitting next to you, your music was coming from above, you enchanted us…”

“You make us all proud.”

Minister Gebran Bassil




On the 10th of December 2016,  at the Hilton Hotel, Shaun was awarded yet another trophy by the Lebanese Brazilian Union for his astonishing performance and his talent in musical composition, following his successful concerts in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  

pic number 23


On the 16th of December 2016, at the Angelic Sound of Christmas concert, Shaun’s compositions filled the beautiful setting of the historical St. Elie Kantari church (24). His fingers caressed the piano keys a the chords reverberated the sound of heavenly music (25), mesmerizing his fixated audience; after releasing a special composition entitled Dear Santa; Shaun ended his spellbinding assortment  with “one more letter to my mom”, to a standing ovation…


“The chords reverberated the sound of heavenly music mesmerizing his fixated audience.” OTV 


On the 23rd of January 2017, at the age of fifteen Shaun held a concert at the Presidential Palace, entitled “Independence Day” for the President of the Lebanese Republic Michel Aoun(27) and the First Lady in the presence of French delegation of deputies, diplomats, politicians, and the media. The honorable assembly were stunned by this young gifted composer (26). The President’s office issued a statement in which Shaun Agostine was announced as the young Lebanese prodigy.

“Shaun Agostine, a young Lebanese Prodigy who played his own compositions in Las Vegas, London and many other cities around the globe. “

Statement of the Presidential Palace of the Lebanese Republic

video baabda 

On the 9th of February 2017, Shaun recorded live at Abbey Road Studio Two, London, the most famous recording studio in the world, three albums: “L’Annonciation,” Independence Day,” and “Positive Vibes.”

(Pictures of the albums) 28 29 30 

On the 24th of March 2017, Shaun presented his piano concert entitled ” L’Annonciation” to his Beatitude Cardinal Bechara Al Rai, on the occasion of the Feast of the Annunciation and in celebration of the 6th anniversary of the election of his Beatitude Cardinal Patriarch Bechara Al Rai . There he revealed two emotional compositions especially composed to his Beatitude entitled “L’Annonciation” and Messenger. After his concert Shaun released his 3rd Album L’Annonciation dedicated to his Beatitude. In recognition of his incredible talent, His Beatitude Rai honored Shaun with the “Bkerké Medal” and Shaun, became the youngest person in the history of the church to be honored by receiving the “Bkerké Medal” .

Your music took us to heaven and when you stopped playing you brought us back down to the valley of tears.” video of testimonial

“We are awarding Shaun Agostine the medal of the patriarchate making him the youngest person to ever receive it in the history of the church.”

video award 

Patriarch Bechara Al Rai


On the 4th of May 2017, at the LDE closing ceremony Shaun held his “Positive Vibes” concert. There, he stunned an audience of 2,000 people with his sensational new piano pieces. He then released his fourth album entitled “Positive Vibes.” After his astonishing performance, the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil, awarded Shaun a trophy in recognition of his virtuosity in composing and at such a young age.

picture 33

On the 19th of August 2017, at the Church Garden in Faqra Club, Shaun presented a Live concert entitled “Farewell.” The performance itself was even more enchanting and captivating than the setting of the beautifully lit Church Garden, and it led to a standing ovation at the end of the concert, along with a well-deserved award as a token of honor.

34 35 36 

“What makes his genius, and the fact he is a prodigy…” 

Paul Raphael, Executive Vice-Chairman – UBS Zurich London

youtube video paul raphael 


On the 23rd of September 2017, at the opening ceremony of the LDE conference in Las Vegas, Shaun held a concert entitled “Las Vegas” then once again Shaun was awarded a trophy as a young genius composer in front of a prestigious audience of congressmen, ministers,  government officials and diplomats.

“Awarded as Our Genius”

Mr. Gebran Bassil – Las Vegas 

pic 37

“This young man is nothing short of a genius… you should compose for me”

Liz Habib, Emmy award-winning journalist and television anchor, Fox news – CNN


“I was listening to Shaun play, and I thought that this was the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.”

Sara Thielman, Smith Center for the performing art, Las Vegas



“You are going be a great star in the United States. You are already famous almost all over the world. We need to get you here; everyone is going to love you – anyone that can hear you play. You are an incredible talent, and we are so proud of you.”

Gayle Anderson, International Chief of Protocol, Las Vegas

On the 22nd of November 2017, Shaun was asked to represent Lebanon by holding a concert in celebration of the Lebanese Independence Day in Rome for this special occasion Shaun held a concert entitled “Independence Day”, he then released his fifth album entitled “Independence Day”, after receiving an award from the Lebanese Ambassador to Rome and Patriarch Bechara Al Rai as a young prodigy composing like professionals in the presence of Vatican representatives and distinguished guests. 

“Awarded young prodigy composing like professionals.” (39) ( 40 ) 

Lebanese Ambassador to Rome, HE Mira Daher

On the 19th of December 2017, Shaun held a concert entitled “ALS” to support Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and has revealed his emotional composition a flying soul especially dedicated to the phenomenal Dr. Jamil Zgheib an ALS patient at his last stages of the disease The composition was Shaun’s tracing of the stages of Man’s life in line with Dr. Zgheib’s academic and intellectual rise and fall into the fangs of ALS. at the end of his performance he was awarded the ALS trophy. (45) (47)



On the 9th of March 2018, at the Meyana Auditorium, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Shaun led the world famous Almaty  Symphony Orchestra on the piano as they played some of his  most acclaimed compositions, especially: “One More Letter to my Mom.” then Shaun continued playing throughout the “M Premiere Classic” event his own composition; after his fabulous performance, he received a standing ovation and a special award as a stunning revelation and a gifted young composer with superior talent!” from the conductor of the Almaty Symphony Orchestra, the world-famous violinist virtuoso, Marat Bisengaliev. 


“A stunning revelation! A gifted young composer with superior talent!”

Almaty Symphony Orchestra



“Lebanese stunned the world on the piano; Shaun Agostine has been able to amaze the world with his unique musical pieces.” Sky News T.V.



“The Chopin of his century shining in Dubai.” Al Mahatat T.V.



“The future Beethoven.” -Al Arabia T.V. ( 44)



“Child prodigy performing in Dubai.” Al Bayan ( 45 )

“Chopin of this century” – MTV news


“A Child prodigy impresses Dubai audiences” – Gulf Today ( 46)

 “Child Prodigy Shaun Agostine Impresses Dubai Audiences” –  Velvet magazine (49) (50)


“A very gifted young pianist and composer with golden hands” – Al Hurra Tv (51)


On the 10th of May 2018, at the LDE gala event, Shaun presented his piano concert entitled: “GéBé.” There he impressed a prestigious audience of Presidents, Ministers, Government Officials, and more than one thousand Lebanese immigrants. At the end of his astonishing concert, he received, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants, Gebran Bassil, the highest decoration medal of the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants.


“GéBé composed by the one and only Shaun Agostine.”

Gebran Bassil Minister of Foreign Affairs (52)


On the 12th of August 2018, at the Church Garden in Faqra Club, On the occasion of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, the young gifted composer, Shaun presented a concert entitled “Letters to My Mom.” There he revealed his emotional composition Letters to my mom which was brilliantly received and finished his concert with a powerful composition which led to a standing ovation then he was awarded a trophy .

(53)  video ” letters to my mom ” (55) (56) (57)

“On the occasion of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, the young gifted composer, Shaun Agostine, impresses the audience.”

MTV news


On the 28th of November 2018, Shaun was asked to perform his own compositions at the prestigious “21eme Bal des Débutantes” held in Casino du Liban. Shaun opened the ceremony with a magnificent musical piece that held the audience’s breath throughout the duration.

Simultaneously, the fireworks in the background and the entry of the contestants were made more elegant and emotional with Shaun’s musical piece.For the occasion, Shaun wrote a beautiful piece entitled “Tango” and played it while the contestants danced to its rhythms.

Shaun’s performance was broadcasted on TV channels for it’s success 

OTV (56)

On the 20th of March 2019, at the Grand Hilton, Beirut, Shaun held a concert entitled “Mother Mary” in celebration of Sagesse High school Mary Mother of wisdom’s Silver Jubilee. In recognition of his incredible talent, the Rector, Fr. Gabriel Tabet awarded Shaun with prestigious “Silver Jubilee Medal.”



On the 29th of April 2019, in Munich, Shaun performed his own compositions for the Fashion Charity dinner and Best of Awards. He was later interviewed on Munich Connection TV where he explained how the he loved and appreciated being a part of an event that allows him to help others.

 “It was an amazing event to help others to be in a charity event in general i believe it is more important than everything else…” Shaun Agostine – Munich connection Tv (61)

“I’ve played piano all my life. I’ve played it for 60 years, but I could never play like you. I wrote about 2000 songs in my life, but I wish I could play the piano like you… Marvelous! Great! Fabulous!”

Ralph Siegel; Record Producer and Songwriter (59) (60) 


On the 3rd of July 2019, at the Sagesse Club special evening, with the international piano legend Raul Di Blasio Shaun opened the event with some of his most acclaimed composition where he played his latest musical piece in honor of the chairman of the board of trustees of the Sagesse club, the Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr.Ghassan Hasbani; That piece went on to become the anthem for Sagesse Club, his performance ended with the Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Ghassan Hasbani The event ended announcing the club’s decision to appoint and award Shaun Agostine as Sagesse Club Ambassador to the World.

“…The Prodigy and Genius Shaun Agostine…” Deputy Prime Minister – Ghassan Hasbani

(63) + video ghassan hasbani (633)

During the event Raul Di Blasio heard Shaun’s composition and was held with amazement at the talent of this young musician and the way he composed…Raul played Shaun’s composition and then they shared the stage playing together on the piano delivering a duo of Sagesse Club’s anthem Shaun’s musical piece. 

“I will record your song and i will become a millionaire” – Raul Di Blasio (64)

On the 13th of August 2019 at the Church Garden in Faqra Club, Shaun held a concert entitled “Legend” accompanied by musicians from the Conservatory of Lebanon. The concert ended with a standing ovation with a crowd eager to meet the ingenious young man who was able to hold their attention for the entire evening through his music. Then He was awarded a trophy of recognition and excellence by the Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Ghassan Hasbani and by the president of Faqra club. 

“Shaun lives life and plays life like he plays the piano through life entire keyboard playing every emotional note through ages and boundaries…” 

Paul Raphael, Executive Vice-Chairman – UBS Zurich London



Shaun has appeared on many T.V. channels such as Monaco T.V, ART T.V. (USA and Canada), Al Hurra T.V. (Dubai), MBC 1, Al Arabia T.V., Sky News T.V., AL Thakafa T.V., MTV, LBCI, LB2, OTV, TL, and others. Critics and media describe Shaun as “a stunning revelation, a gifted young composer with superior talent.”